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Inspiring Master Bathroom Remodel

Ty Nelson is no stranger to adversity. Spending his early years working out of the back of his pickup, he used a self-taught technique and a sharp eye for design to build notoriety, moving his business to a garage, then a garage and driveway, and finally, in 2008, a rental space—just in time for one of the most catastrophic global financial crashes in modern history.

However, he continued to grow, and when he reflects on those early years, he’s surprisingly upbeat, wearing expressions of triumph. It’s because, for Nelson, who has run Ty Nelson Construction for more than 15 years, there is an art to taking challenges and remolding them into a beautiful product. This very spirit is obvious in one specific recent project: the remodeling of the master bathroom at 2010 Virginia Lane.

“The best thing for me is overcoming challenges,” Nelson says. “That’s very satisfying. It’s overcoming the challenges of a remodel and, at the end of the game, it’s the satisfaction of seeing a happy customer.”

With a look at the finished product, a bright and elegant, fully remodeled master bathroom, it is difficult to imagine anything but ease and comfort surrounding the project. However, right away, Nelson and his team were able to see a range of difficulties.

“When you go in, you have to be able to see through walls and create a vision,” Nelson says.

On this project, Nelson needed to work with an unconventional, and aged, space. Once used as an attic in a home originally built in 1936, the area was missing heat and basic frills, like cabinets. In addition to needing to navigate vaulted, asymmetrical ceilings, he was up against an original bathroom that held a wall-mounted toilet surrounded by obtrusive joists. All of this was compounded by the need to run electrical “fishing” through the walls. Basically, Ty Nelson Construction faced both plumbing and electrical disasters, not to mention the ever-present dilemma of matching old styles with fresh and modern concepts.

“You always know there will be problems; you just don’t know where,” Nelson explains. “You have to really think outside the box.”

Perhaps above all else, this is where Nelson’s relentless attitude has yielded the most inspiring results. He was able to tap into his experience, a trusted team of experts and creative solutions not only to overcome obstacles but to build a beautiful product. The group managed to fully renovate the space, upgrade utilities and even put a modern spin on antique designs by salvaging old doors, upgrading them and fitting them with classic-style doorknobs.

“We figured it out,” Nelson says. “I always tell people there is nothing we can’t do, and I believe it.”

The finished product is an elegant blend of class and functionality. With new Pella windows lighting up the now-bright space, the bathroom features stunning gliding tile work. Its solid-surface countertops are accented with the modernity of a chrome-finished faucet and handles. The shower was upgraded with a special diverter valve, allowing access to both a body spray and a rain head. The crew also cut down the original doors, adding antique-style doorknobs that fit seamlessly into a contemporary upgraded style.

In addition to holding a refined but fresh look, this master bathroom features hidden amenities that highlight the subtle brilliance of Nelson’s work. The area includes custom built-in cabinetry with soft-close doors and drawers, accenting its quiet touch. It is also equipped with premium heated floors.

“Everything about this bathroom is superb,” Nelson says.

Despite early hiccups, the masterpiece remodel of the master bathroom on 2010 Virginia Lane resulted in a sleek design, subtle convenience and overall success. Perhaps more, it serves as a reminder and testament to the difficulty overcome throughout the project, echoing what could be Nelson’s personal mantra: there is beauty in the process.

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