Flowers 8

Love’s Truest Language

Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover’s dream come true.

Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful centerpiece everyone can enjoy this season.


1. Select your flowers—explore your local grocery store, farmers markets and even your backyard garden for your favorite blooms. Give yourself plenty of colors and flowers to work with. I like to use four to six different flowers to give enough interest in the arrangement. Don’t forget to select greens, usually one to three different varieties. This spring don’t forget succulents!

2. Prep your flowers by pulling off all the foliage from the stems. If anything is left behind it can contaminate the water, which in turn will clog the stems—a quick way to shorten the life of your flowers.

3. Prep your vase or container with tape, floral foam or chicken wire. Make sure you are working with a clean vase, fresh water and clean scissors.

4. Grab scissors and make sure they are clean!


1. Start by using your greens to create a backdrop for your arrangement.  Cover most of the tape/floral foam/chicken wire with greens. Don’t be afraid to leave some greens at different heights to create textures and interest.

2. Next, add in your flowers—start with the larger blooms, placing them in a focal spot to shine. I’ll fill in with smaller flowers turning the arrangement to keep it even on all sides. You can always add more greens or flowers until it feels full.

3. There are no rules when arranging for yourself—you get to choose what looks good to your eye. Don’t be afraid to cut the stems and have flowers be different heights—keep them taller to let them reach or cut them shorter to hide inside the arrangement. Experiment each time and try new shapes in your arranging. Just have fun with it. If it doesn’t work, pull it out and try another spot!

4. Don’t forget to change your water every couple of days. Keeping it clean will ensure that your flowers will last long enough for you to truly enjoy them!