Sneak Peek into the Bags of Good Earth Shoppers 5

Good Earth Market is a co-op grocery and health food store located in downtown Billings that is known for warm interactions with area neighbors. The market, located at 3024 Second Ave. N. focuses on promoting local products, as well as organic offerings, and is owned and run by community members. Here is a peek into the shopping bags of some of Good Earth’s Billings customers.


Items: Frontera salsa

“I am from Billings, but I live in Rome, Italy, and I’m taking salsa back with me because we can’t get decent salsa there. This is the best salsa, and we make our own burritos and quesadillas with it.”


Items: Organic cremini mushrooms, The Growing Business alfalfa sprouts, Giant organic blueberries, basil, turmeric

“I’m a vegan, and I eat all organic so my products are mushrooms, sprouts and blueberries. I also got some organic herbs because I have arthritis and they are inflammatory.”


Items: Good Earth hummus, Jeff’s Naturals bell pepper strips, Farmstead goat cheese, Northern Bakehouse gluten-free bread

“I really like the hummus here. I got these products because we make eggplant sandwiches with hummus, roasted eggplant, goat cheese and gluten-free bread.”


Items: Organic lemons, Noosa Mexican chocolate yogurt, Good Earth Grasshopper Juice

“I come down here for lunch, and I love the variety. Everything is always hot and ready for me. I got my daily juice with wheatgrass, apple and ginger. I also got lemons because I like to start my day with hot lemon water.”


Items: Beets, paprika, red pepper flakes

“I got a beet, paprika and red pepper flakes. I love to put beets in salads, and with goat cheese it’s really very good. I just cook with the paprika and red pepper flakes. I love to mix the paprika in to make Cajun seasoning.”


Items: Vinegar and salt cashews, organic bananas, chocolate covered cranberries

“I got vinegar and salt cashews because I like to make homemade trail mix. I bought bananas because I like to cut them up and put them in my cereal. The most important thing is chocolate covered cranberries. They’re my favorite.”