Smart Jewelry 5

While the Fitbit may have brought on the first craze of fitness activity trackers, companies have come a long way from bright-colored rubber bracelets and step counting. Now there’s a way to stay safe and connected no matter what activity you may be doing. A variety of discreet and beautiful styles have emerged in the world of smart jewelry.


The Safelet bracelet allows the wearer to alert a network of “guardians,”—friends and family—to their exact location and gives guidance on what to do by pressing two buttons simultaneously on the edges of the bracelet. Once you purchase the bracelet, you install the app on your phone and create an account setting your level of security preferences. Users can invite guardians, as well as allow other guardians in the area to see their alerts within a 0.31-mile radius. The Indra collection costs $129. For more information, visit


SIREN is a women’s ring that not only looks fashionable on but also creates a startling alarm sound when activated in a threatening or potentially dangerous situation. SIREN is meant to throw an attacker off by creating a jarring and uncomfortably loud and high-pitched noise that can be activated in less than two seconds by the wearer. The alarm can be heard from more than 50 feet away. The wearer only needs to position the top of the gemstone toward an attacker to have the greatest effect. SIREN retails at $199.99 in a variety of colors. For more information, visit


Revolar can clip under your clothes or attach to your keys and offers yet another option for safety and security no matter where you are. Through an app on your smartphone you can add up to five contacts that will receive a check-in with the press of a button letting them know you are safe. One click sends a check-in, two clicks sends a yellow alert with your latest location and three clicks sends a red alert. You can proactively reach out at the first sign something isn’t right, and elevate the alert level if you feel unsafe. Users can also send themselves an automated phone call to get out of an uncomfortable situation. Revolar retails for $59.99. For more information, visit


“Jewelry, meet technology.” Ringly is the best looking way for women to stay connected and track their activity levels all at the same time. With jewelry options in either smart rings or bracelets, Ringly offers step tracking, calories burned and distance traveled for the health-conscious user. It also syncs with your phone to alert you when a phone call or text message comes in. Ringly connects with more than 100 apps to always keep wearers connected. Ringly sends mobile alerts, vibration and light alerts and is water-resistant. Ringly bracelets start at $245, and Ringly rings start at $195. For more information, visit

Leaf by Bellabeat

Leaf by Bellabeat allows you to take an even more in-depth look at you physical wellness by offering a health tracker for your body and mind. Leaf is a sleep, activity and reproductive health monitor that helps you cope with stress through built-in breathing exercises. You can wear Leaf as a bracelet, necklace or clip. While offering traditional tracking such as steps taken, calories burned and activity tracking, Leaf also offers guided meditation exercises and tracking, sleep analysis and a new stress feature on Leaf Urban that can create an overview of your lifestyle and detect patterns that may cause stress. Leaf also has menstrual cycle tracking and fertility calendars to help predict menstruation and provide feedback about reproductive health. Leaf is available in two styles: Leaf Urban and Leaf Nature in a variety of finishes. Prices range from $119 to $199. For more information, visit

Misfit Ray

Misfit Ray is the sleeker version of earlier Misfit products that looks the same as a regular bracelet but offers far more control in an anodized aircraft-grade aluminum setting. Aside from exercise and sleep tracking, Misfit Ray is also able to take selfies, control lights and music, give vibration alerts for calls, texts and alarms and set movement reminders. Misfit Ray is waterproof, and a swimmer’s best friend with a new in-app lap counting upgrade with Speedo. It can track swim distance down to the meter, count swim laps for 25- and 50-meter pools and counts down a set swim time. The Misfit Ray retails at $99.99. For more information, visit