We All Scream for Ice Cream 17

Some of Billings’ Sweetest Spots for Cold Treats

Sweet, smooth, and cold, there’s nothing quite like ice cream on a hot summer day. Here are some of Billings’ best spots for cool treats.

Candy Town USA

820 Shiloh Crossing Blvd., Suite 1
Owner: Maria Purcell

First opening just over a decade ago, Candy Town USA specializes in unique treats. They offer a range of ice cream specialties and use Wilcox ice cream, which is a local Billings provider. All of this is served up in a bright, fun retro-style candy shop with confections crafted on location.


Bubble Gum Dream

This colorful ice cream soda blends blue raspberry syrup in a vanilla ice cream, packed to the rim. It’s topped with whipped cream, a cherry and a rainbow-colored candy straw.

Banana Split

It features scoops of vanilla with pineapple topping, chocolate with chocolate syrup and strawberry layered with strawberry topping. The ice cream splits a whole banana.

Big Dipper Ice Cream

100 N. Broadway
Owners: Lia Munson, Charlie
Beaton and Bryan Hickey

With its Billings location first opening just over two years ago, Big Dipper Ice Cream has quickly become a staple for local ice cream enthusiasts. The shop is known for its premium homemade ice cream, with a range of flavors crafted daily. Big Dipper also creates its homemade waffle cones in-house at its downtown Billings store.



A quintessential local Montana flavor, it combines huckleberries and homemade ice cream. Huckleberries are reduced to a sweet syrup and blended in a homemade cream, served in a homemade waffle cone.

White Mint Oreo

A refreshing combination, peppermint extract is added to homemade ice cream and crumbled Oreos are folded into the creamy mixture. It’s served in a homemade waffle cone.


3031 Grand Ave.
Owners: Dave and Julie Diehl

Spinners lets customers build their own treats with premium frozen yogurt. The shop features fat-free and low-fat yogurt options with plenty of chances to splurge. With top-notch frozen yogurt and toppings ranging from fresh, local fruit to sugary sweets, the store is a perfect place to chill out and build a mouthwatering masterpiece.


Pile On

Use birthday cake frozen yogurt and pile on toppings. A favorite combination includes topping with boba balls, gummy worms, whipped cream and a cherry.

Low Fat Lovers

Start with Tahitian vanilla frozen yogurt and top with granola and fresh fruit. Some popular fresh fruit toppings are raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and kiwi.