From the Desk to the Stands 7

Workday Appropriate, Game Day Ready

For many of us, our favorite sports teams are more than just a casual interest—they are a piece of our identity. Being able to express one’s fandom is important, whether it inspires camaraderie with fellow fans or stirs rivalry with supporters of an opposing team.

Yet, sports attire is not usually part of the office dress code. How can we show our team spirit while keeping things professional?

The answer is by adding structure and the right accessories. Dressing up a team T-shirt or jersey with a well-fitted jacket conveys polish and class. Heels punch up the glam for women, while men’s dress shoes take jeans from casual to sleek. Subtle touches keep the look appropriate for the workday, yet ready for game day.

Team polos are another simple, yet sophisticated, addition to a sports lover’s wardrobe.