Local Joe 16

A Taste of the Area’s Best Coffee Shops

Ebon Coffee Collective

2712 Second Ave. N.
| 406.431.4522

First opened in an effort to bring high-quality, specialty coffee from Montana and nationally to the local area, Ebon is a multiroaster that specializes in local coffee and single-origin offerings. A community-focused shop tucked into Billings’ downtown area, Ebon collaborates with its neighbors, Montana Gallery, to put on storytelling events and live music. The shop sports a hip, modish vibe and makes pastries in-house. They also work to incentivize recycling and waste reduction through their unique Mason jar program, where customers can return 10 jars for a free drink, minimizing waste or use of less environmentally-friendly cups. Ebon also holds Waffle Sundays, where they feature a different sweet and savory option every week.

Big Sky Coffee Roasters

1939 Grand Ave.
| 406.245.5253

Serving local coffee in an intimate setting, Big Sky Coffee Roasters’ shop stands out as a cozy, quaint spot to take in coffee within a personal setting. The shop is family-owned and operated, and works to build a community within its close quarters. The space is decorated with postcards from customers, who are offered a free drink for each postcard sent to the shop. Big Sky Roasters specializes in building relationships, providing a comfortable space and delivering quality unique roasts, getting their beans from the same families of farmers for more than two decades. They have a wholesale roasting company where customers can design their own blends, and they host coffee tastings where patrons can explore coffee’s hidden flavors.

Rock Creek Coffee Roasters

124 N. Broadway
| 406.896.1600

With big, wide-open windows looking into the heart of downtown, Rock Creek Coffee Roasters houses the vibes of downtown Billings in a bright, modern setting. The shop, located smack dab in the center of downtown, features hardwood floors, polished wood furniture and a giant coffee roaster on-site. In addition to attracting an eclectic range of downtown customers, Rock Creek Coffee focuses on creating quality coffee. The shop handcrafts coffee and even roasts small batches at its Billings location. They also offer a wide variety of single-origin coffees, an assortment of teas and other specialty beverages.

MōAV Coffee House

2501 Montana Ave.
| 406.672.4784

MoAV Coffee House is all about creating a uniquely-crafted experience, and that goes for its coffee selection as well. Specializing in brew methods, coffee profiling and building local relationships, the shop features open space, electronic outlets suspended from the ceiling and contemporary, gallery-style décor that echoes authenticity and design to all of its guests. In turn, the group’s beverage options reflect this same balance of customized quality. Their specialty offerings include Huckleberry Roasters, locally-brewed coffee flavors, a wide selection of craft tea and locally-baked pastries.

Mazevo Coffee Roasters & Espresso Bar

819 Grand Ave.
| 2719 First Ave. N.
| MazevoCoffee.com

Created in part to combat human trafficking in impoverished countries, Mazevo Coffee Roasters & Espresso Bar hopes to generate enough of a demand for coffee beans to battle injustice in developing nations. In Billings, customers can enjoy a variety of classic coffee and specialty selections within a trendy, modern shop. The coffee house’s laid-back setting features high-top tables and comfortable, contemporary furniture. The roaster was founded just a few years ago and is run through a group called LiveHisLove. Mazevo Coffee Roasters & Espresso also works to fulfill its mission of seeking justice by helping fund microloans to impoverished people of Guatemala.