Thanksgiving Traditions 6

Billings’ Small-Business Owners Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

Lisa Woods, Woods Accounting

“For our Thanksgiving, we always get together with family. We do a potluck, then play bingo. Each game, someone wins a prize. The last game we play is blackout which is a gift certificate to a restaurant in town. When you win a prize, you get the chance to steal from someone else that has already won or pick a number, and you get the wrapped prize that goes with that number. After that, we go Black Friday shopping.”

Theresa Vondra, 
The Massage Company

“I can’t just think of one Thanksgiving tradition that I cherish; I feel it’s really the holiday as a whole. Football playing on TV, traditional foods that make the house smell that wonderful smell, family gathering together to spend quality time with one another, eating too much and the nap that’s sometimes needed following all that food.” 

Katie Ellis, Bottega Clothing

“Thanksgiving in my family means every single person is covered in flour from baking or oil from deep-frying the turkeys. I’m super close with my family, so I cherish all of us cooking, laughing, playing games and sharing what we are thankful for under one roof. It is my favorite holiday for sure!”

Tracy Moore, Tracy Moore Photographers

“I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. With my family, we just hang out and watch the Macy’s parade in the morning, while I help my mom—or pretend to help and just taste test—all the amazing food she prepares for us. We sit down, tell everyone what we’re thankful for and fill our bellies. We then open our ‘crackers’ and get a little surprise and wear the paper crown. We hang all night watching football, eating and playing board games. Except for Monopoly … mom banned that 15 years ago.”

Justin Hutchinson, 
Justin Hutchinson Videography

“Getting together with friends or family and playing games and watching football. There’s nothing better than good company and good food over the holidays. Oh, and of course pumpkin pie!”

Kathy Hedges, Aqua Studio and Salon

“I love all the holidays, and every one holds fun and sometimes goofy traditions. One of my favorites is Thanksgiving with my parents. With nine siblings, every year varies as to who can attend the annual feast. We start bright and early, making our chosen turkey do a dance into the roaster and prepare to be stuffed. It’s a dear, heartfelt holiday for my family.”

Nicole King, Realtor 
with Heavenly Homes Inc.

“Our family is spread throughout the country, so we tend to split the holidays. Usually, Thanksgiving is spent with our Helena family. As we add members through marriage, we also add recipes. It’s never a question who is bringing what, and it is always exciting to see what new item will be added to the spread. We’re excited to bring yummy pull aparts—like monkey bread but made with vanilla ice cream—as usual this year.”