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Boutique Feels Less Like a Store, More Like Home

“When a woman comes through the doors, I want her to be comfortable. She should be able to come in and find a special piece, whatever her style,” Kirsten Harper, owner of Scout & Molly’s, says.

Walking through the doors of this lifestyle boutique at Shiloh Crossing, visitors will feel just that: comfortable. Scout & Molly’s is light and inviting—the type of store that feels like a room you wish you had at home. Rich wood floors are offset by high ceilings, architectural details and the perfect pop of pink.

The store is feminine but elevated and inspired. From eclectic rugs to local art–specially commissioned from artist Chance Robinson–to textile hangings handmade by manager Heather Haws, Scout & Molly’s has a chic, classic style that maintains its Montana roots. And that’s important to Kirsten, who was raised in Billings and Columbus.

“This store is really catering to the Montana buyer,” she says. “I want our collections to match the seasons and style while being really special.”

The selection at Scout & Molly’s is dedicated to fashion-forward shoppers but maintains a distinct, local vibe. Dedication to sourcing localized fashion that’s fresh led Kirsten to her first hire, Heather. Not only does she bring extensive retail experience, Heather also lends her own unique sense of style that offsets Kirsten’s.

“The two of us have complementary styles,” Heather says. “But that’s really an advantage.”

This advantage is a shopping experience that’s diverse, yet cohesive, allowing guests to create a style all their own. Pieces are meant to mix and match to create unique looks.

“There is no one Scout & Molly’s woman,” Heather says. “Our clients have very different backgrounds and styles.”

Knowing clients is a passion for the Scout & Molly’s team. They not only keep them in mind during buying trips to source new pieces but also as new product comes into the store. Both women know that stepping out of your fashion comfort zone isn’t always easy, so they take it upon themselves to help women get out of their routines in a way that’s comfortable. But don’t worry, this hands-on approach doesn’t have to mean expensive; the store features items at varying price points.

Scout & Molly’s reward system was also created to keep clients in mind. With each item purchased, shoppers earn points toward discounts and perks.

“Clients should always want to come back to see what’s new, to collect new pieces, to say ‘hello,’” Kirsten says. “We want to reward them for that loyalty.”

Yet, even when it comes to loyalty, Kirsten’s view is refreshing. She knows that in Shiloh Crossing there is a fair amount of competition, but it’s something she appreciates.

“Our neighbors make us better and support our mission,” she says.

Kirsten isn’t afraid to suggest her shoppers visit stores nearby and knows that they also send customers her way.

Kirsten is excited about being part of Shops at Shiloh Crossing as she has a strong belief in community involvement. Overall, the Shops at Shiloh Crossing are a group that puts a priority on giving back—and Scout & Molly’s is no different.

“I grew up in a family that placed great importance on giving back to Billings,” Kirsten says. “Connecting to our community—that’s a big mission for Scout & Molly’s.”

Involvement is a theme that runs throughout Scout & Molly’s. Whether it’s snapping a picture of a new item for an out-of-town client, donating to the community or heading to the market to curate a new seasonal collection, Kirsten is deeply involved in her business.

“This is a local store, and that’s really important in everything we do.

“I’d love for people to come out, see the store and feel welcomed,” Kirsten says as she glances around the sunny space of Scout & Molly’s.

That passion can’t help but be felt in this boutique that feels less like a store and more like a home–and homes are meant to be shared.

Scout & Molly’s, located at 1027 Shiloh Crossing Blvd., #4, is open 10 a.m to 6 p.m. Monday-Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday. For more information, visit Billings.ScoutAndMollys.com.