Cheers to the New Year

“No more kitten around, it’s time for a toast. You all have the koalafications to put forth your best this next year, and you otter do it. Let’s have a year of good times, peaceful conversations and pawsitivity. When times get tough, let us grin and bear it. Gopher it!” 

— Jeff the Nature Guy, Executive Director, Zoo Montana

“Every good book gets better and better as you continue to read and the story becomes more complete. As we move into this next year, let’s make sure that our next chapter is better than the last. You are the author of your own story—make it a classic!” 
—Jason “Big J” Harris, Hot 101.9

“Here’s to companionship, warm food and the roof over our head. Now say goodbye to the last light of the day and be thankful for all that you are, for tomorrow brings a new year and, with it, an ocean of opportunities.” —Aaron Waller, Owner, Graphic Finesse

“Happiest New Year 2018! May we see peace on earth for our children and grandchildren, gratefulness for being chosen to be born in this United States of America, appreciation for wonderful friends who walk this path with us, and prayer for love among all!”
—Pat Clark, Owner, Patricia Clark Weddings

“Tonight, I ask you to believe that it’s possible to decide to give yourself the grace of a fresh start–a chance to unbutton that top button after a big meal and enjoy feeling full. Tonight isn’t about empty promises … dare to believe that a little midnight magic might just be enough to cast off all those should-haves, would-haves and could-haves chasing us into this moment.” —Cassie LaGreca, Owner, Better to Gather Event Design & Decor