Total Body Toner 10

Feel the Burn in Under 20 Minutes

Are you feeling inspired by all those health-conscious New Year’s resolutions, but struggling to find time for the gym? This Total Body Toner workout, courtesy of health coach Grace Young, can be completed from the comfort of your own home in under 20 minutes. These four simple exercises pack a powerful punch and take less time than your favorite show on Netflix. 

Total Body Toner

Two minutes of each exercise in succession. Repeat for the full 16-minute workout. 

# 1 Wide squat shuffle with around the world arms

Start down low in a squat position. Step out to the side to a wide squat and move your arms, holding a light weight, in a wide circle from hips to above your head. As you step your back foot forward to meet the first foot, bring arms down to your sides again. Repeat once more in that same direction and then change direction, continuing with the same arm movement. 

#2 Squat press

Make sure you have a flat back, keep your weight on your heels as you squat, then reach your elbows to your knees while holding small weights by your shoulders. As you press up from the squat, push your weights straight up overhead in one fluid motion. 

#3 Lunge and curl

Standing straight, step one foot forward into a lunge as you move your hands and weights from your hips to your shoulders in a bicep curl. Make sure your knee stays over your ankle in the lunge position. Then, press back from your toe into your starting position, lower your arms and alternate feet.

#4 Up-down plank with pushup 

Start in a plank position. You can be on your knees or your toes. Drop to your elbows, one arm at a time, then push back up with your starting arm into a plank. Make sure your hand comes back to the starting position right under your shoulder, where your elbow touched the ground. Once you are in plank position, do a regular pushup and return to starting position for the up-down plank.