Trainer Confessions 2

Secrets From Some of Billings’ Top Fitness Experts

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work in the world of fitness? Three Billings trainers sat down with us to shed some light on the fitness industry and share a confession about what it’s really like to be a personal trainer.

“I started my fitness journey at 45, and it took me months of figure out how to do a burpee. I was so frustrated, I cried! But it’s part of why I’m a trainer today.”

-Karen Pearson

Yellowstone Fitness

“If a trainer says, ‘two more!’ when you’re doing a set, they’ve probably lost count. In seriousness, trainers really care about their clients. My gym is my family. Your success is our success.”

-Zac Christensen-Linton

ESP Wellness

”Outside the gym, in a social setting, we don’t care that your normal dinner is an entire frozen pizza or debating if squats are better than deadlifts. The only debate I’m really interested in is if I should have seconds on dessert.”

-Tawny McVay

The Asylum