With 2 Sisters Design

From time to time, a remodel will be in order to brighten and liven-up outdated home décor; but a complete facelift for your sanctuary may not be in the budget.

“One special piece can add to the collection that you already have and refresh your space,” Bernie Anderson and Renee Hagstrom, creators of 2 Sisters Design, a creative custom interior(s) design company based in Billings say.

Updating your digs can be as easy as building around a knickknack or a theme that appeals. Change a color or pick a centerpiece and evolve around it. Replace an end table with an antique find from a local store, and you can change the mood of the entire room.

From design consulting to staging homes for local realtors and the Home Builders Association, 2 Sisters have a passion and a flair for design. Modern, vogue, hippie-chic, country—2 Sisters’ inspired concepts can help you achieve your desired character and style.