A Room by Kibler & Kirch Owner Jeremiah Young

While many say the kitchen is the heart of the home, this rich, inviting dining room might just make you change your mind. Featuring warm colors, heavy furniture and lush layered textures, it’s a room that feels perfectly suited to a Montana home.

Earthy tones throughout the room not only lend a feeling of masculine comfort but also allow bright colors and fine art to shine. The subtle use of color is continued in the textiles. An elegant patterned rug anchors the room and provides comfort underfoot. On the windows, plaid curtains add even more depth to the space in a perfectly unexpected way.

Further depth is added by using additional space in the dining area for a comfortable second seating area. Plush, sheepskin lounge chairs turn the sideboard into more than additional serving space. A perfect spot for an after-dinner cocktail and conversation, this area lends ease to the room that is both refined and casual

Perhaps one of the most unique features, here the fireplace is used unexpectedly and dramatically. The hearth displays stacked, cut wood, and makes an artistic nod to purpose. In this room, form and function are intertwined.

This continues in the room’s focal point: a long, inlaid table anchors the space and reflects the natural wood accent walls. Paired with unique, hide chairs, the dining table makes a bold statement, yet still allows the rest of the room to shine. The addition of a heavy centerpiece helps ground the oversized table and effortlessly tie it to the space.

The final result is a cohesive and comfortable, yet bold and dramatic dining room. This is Western done right.