Keeping Art Accessible and 
Affordable for All

Since 2015, Share Create Reuse and Promote (SCRaP) has provided Billings with a unique and heartfelt creative art center. David McCauley, head of marketing and development, believes SCRaP to be “that place where artistic abilities can be explored and encouraged, to keep art accessible and affordable for all, the space for a creative community to develop, shared resources to help others become sustainable in their passion and to help everyone who visits succeed.”

Through donations, SCRaP can offer creative minds the supplies and space they need to create art without limitations. In just two short years, the organization has made an impact throughout the Billings community, including the SCRaPpin SMART program to address the needs of the school system; 
providing summer art programs for the Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and Billings Parks and Recreation; partnering with Riverstone Health on Healthy by Design South Side Community Awareness; and working with HRDC to provide jobs and skills to families and youth in need. 

By increasing awareness and establishing new connections, SCRaP hopes to continue its efforts to offer more classes and continue its growth.