Spring Marks the Start of Planting Season

Rule of Thumb: Plant Trees for Hardiness Zone 3 or 4

Popular Conifers for the Billings Area:

+ Austrian pine

+ Colorado blue or green spruce

+ Western red cedar

Popular Deciduous Trees for the Billings Area:

+ Ash

+ Aspen

+ Canada red chokecherry

+ Northern hackberry

Call 811 Before You Dig

1. Dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball.

2. Place the tree in the hole.

3. Position the tree and prep the roots. The root ball should be ½ inch to 1 inch above the surrounding soil.

4. Gently uncurl the roots and face them away from the trunk.

5. Backfill with fertilizer, compost and topsoil.

6. Stake and support the tree.

7. Water the tree.