At Togs, Four Female Photographers ‘Choose to Help and Support Each Other’

As Tracy Moore’s photography business has grown, so has her desire to share success with others.

“I realized that life can be really lonely when you work so hard, even if it’s doing something you love,” she says.

She and three other female photographers—Melissa Oderifero, April Douglas and Whitney Griffin—decided to collaborate, joining their individual businesses into a shared space, an uncommon practice for the photography industry.

“Usually other photographers are seen as competition,” Tracy says. “But we’re all friends because of this industry, and we choose to support and help each other.”

Each woman pursues their own niche in the photography industry, allowing them to refer clients and foster business for one another.

Their space, affectionately referred to as Togs (a play on phoTOGS) resides within an older building, ripe with character and intrigue, which pairs well with Tracy’s ultimate goal.

“We’ve been working on making Togs a supercool environment to work so we can hang out and have the collaborative, creative space to help us work even harder,” Tracy says. “Life is so much better when you aren’t competing. When women can truly support one another and be happy for the other’s success, that is what Togs is all about.”

"My goal is to create a collaborative environment we love so we can help each other in business and in life—all while serving clients we adore."

Creative Vibe Tips

  1. Stay organized. A cluttered workspace dampens creative spirits. Keeping your tools, desks and client area sleek and polished also makes a great impression.
  2. Let in the light! A well-lit space is important for setting the right mood.
  3. Don’t be afraid to add a touch of you. Decorating an office space doesn’t mean it needs to be boring and muted. Allowing touches of your personal style to shine through helps clients connect with your business.