Renata & Tessa

Renata Haidle is a Billings-based Travel, Architecture and Fine Art Photographer



Amazon, $19.95 “A modern, contemporary fusion of Eastern and Western art and symbolism.”


Plumeria Pendant Necklace

Etsy, $15 “This simple plumeria necklace is one of Tessa’s favorite vacation souvenirs, a reminder of a wonderful family vacation we spent on the Big Island of Hawaii.”


Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Sephora, $22 “My daughter, Tessa, prefers the flowery and girly Mon Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. How young is too young to start loving perfume?”


Bloom by Beau Taplin, $19.52 “His poems tell stories of love and loss, of growth and pain, and are universally relatable.”


Addict Eau de Parfum by Dior

Ulta Beauty, $130 “A scent that is youthful, flirty, free-spirited and fun.”


Raisin Escargot and Double Shot Espresso

Nespresso Machine: Bed Bath and Beyond, $199.99 “It managed to transform me into a morning person.”