In the Business of Making Pets Happy


Ellie Hansen, president of Loveable Pets, describes her team as the “12 most amazing, animal-adoring staff members” in town. Meet a few members of the team.

Ellie Hansen, president of pet happiness

Inspired by her rat terrier, Tyee, and his love for special treats from the bakery in her hometown, Ellie decided to leave her job and open Lovable Pets, the first dog bakery and all-natural pet food store in Billings. As the business has grown, Ellie continues to make it her life mission to ensure pet happiness and good health. She now owns three dogs: Max, a beagle; Marty, a rescue beagle; and Eddie, a rescue beagle mix.

Jeremy Hansen, chief bone counter

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Jeremy always knew he wanted to own a business. After obtaining a degree in business finance, he now co-owns Lovable Pets with his wife, Ellie. 

Amanda “Rae” Traver, chief choreographer of wet dogs and fur styling

With experience from five salons across the Northwest since 2002, Rae originally learned her trade at the Alaska SPCA, in her home state. After moving to Montana to earn a degree in equestrian studies from Rocky Mountain College, she enjoys spending time perfecting her craft and continuing her education. She is a Certified Master Groomer through the National Dog Groomers Association of America and has even had the opportunity to compete, placing third in the poodle class. 

Rosanne Bailey, National Certified Sporting Groomer

Rosanne joined the Lovable Pets team in 2012. She became a certified sporting groomer in 2015 and is continuing to work toward her Master Groomer Certification. Rosanne really enjoys “Asian fusion modern” grooming and loves to be creative and try new styles.

Britney Doely, Certified Master Cat Groomer

Britney has been with the Lovable Pets Grooming Salon for three years and is a Certified Master Cat Groomer, one of only two in the state of Montana. She is also a dog bather and groomer.

Riley Field, nutrition guru

Since joining the team at Lovable Pets in 2012, Riley has been able to expand upon her keen interest in animal nutrition. She is the resident nutrition guru. 

Jessica Tippett, groomer

Jess started grooming in 2008. She apprenticed under Rae for three years and has continued her learning through conferences and workshops.

What is Lovable Pets?

For those who want the best natural pet food for their dogs and cats, as well as full-service grooming, self-serve dog wash and the latest pet accessories, Lovable Pets is the premier Billings destination. The staff is trained extensively on the natural foods and supplements they carry.

“Pet foods are not created equal, and we are here to help educate our customers on what to look for,” Ellie says. “We look at all the details on food because we believe it is thatimportant to our pets’ quality of life.”

Loveable Pets also stocks a full-size bakery case with treats just for dogs, including cupcakes, birthday cakes and even pies. 

The self-serve dog wash is designed to be a private sanctuary for dogs and their owners and is especially well-equipped for scared or nervous pups. For owners who opt for the full-service grooming, their pet could not be in better hands. The staff has been trained by head groomer Rae, who is certified and well-versed in the trade.

“The safety of our clients’ pets, along with providing an amazing, show-quality groom are our top priorities,” Ellie says. 

Community Impact

“We love being in Billings,” Ellie says. “Billings is such a wonderful city of dogs. Over 10 years we have developed friendships with many of our long-time customers.”

Loveable Pets has also cultivated relationships with local veterinarians, who are able to advise patients on proper nutrition and supplements. Lovable Pets supports the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter and collaborates with dog trainers for community events.

Ellie is a district leader for the Humane Society of the United States representing Billings as well as a member of the HSUS Animal Rescue Team. Two of her dogs, Marty and Eddie, were rescued from laboratory research facilities and required extensive rehabilitation. Although they now lead happy, healthy lives, their stories shine a light on the horrors they endured and the importance of cruelty-free products. Hansen hopes they can “serve as ambassadors at Lovable Pets for ending animal testing.”

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