“….there are some very gifted people that truly have the intentions, experience, and abilities to bring about miracles in people’s lives. Dr. Alan Muskett is one of those people.”

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Dr. Alan Muskett 

Improving the lives of others. A worthy goal for every human being. If it were so, we would be living in a much different world right now. Fortunately, there are some very gifted people that truly have the intentions, experience, and abilities to bring about miracles in people’s lives. Dr. Alan Muskett is one of those people. After spending time, over coffee and a camera, with this humorous and compassionate physician, I can say that I came away with a new perspective, not only on my career, but on life itself.

With his training and calling taking him on a journey from Montana State University to the University of Mississippi, with years spent at the University of Washington, University of Utah, and Washington University, Dr. Muskett has proven himself to be one of Montana’s premier plastic surgeons.  There is little doubt that this man of high skills, humor and understanding has seen some of the best, some of the worst, and some of most surprising things in the lives of others. Dr. Muskett is the expert at Billings Plastic Surgery who helps a car wreck victim see themselves again, when they look in the mirror, after months of seeing a stranger.  He is the one that replaces muscles and tissues from one part of the human body to bring about the use of an otherwise useless limb in another. This man of exceptional hands and talents works to return lives to normal after tragic circumstances have ripped that normality away. For many of us, routine and “normal” is part of our everyday lives, living in a hectic world, fulfilling our responsibilities as we move from one day to the next.  For an unfortunate number of our neighbors, families, friends and co-workers that have been in tragic or disastrous events, life is neither normal nor routine any longer.  Life is hard and can seem hopeless. Dr. Muskett is the man that offers hope to those who suffer in pain, discomfort, shame and fear.

As a person, one can tell how humble Dr. Alan Muskett is. I was able to sit down with him to hear his life story and he in return wanted to hear mine. I was able to share my highs and lows of life and how my “starving artist” business in photography was just in it’s beginning stages. He quickly reflected on some of his experiences to give me any insight to life and business he could. I mentioned to him that I was a diesel mechanic in the previous years and he compared that to when he built log homes throughout high school and explained that his attitude of working diligently came from that experience. He went on to explain that his literary degree from MSU helped him to reach many people through medical papers, articles, and two books that he had published. He continues to write articles for the Billings Gazette and helps to mentor medical students any way that he can. Later on in life, I learned he plans to retire with his wife and boat around North America but until then, he will continue enjoying life right here in Billings, attending hot yoga three times a week and helping unfortunate people live happier lives one day at a time.

Amber Newman

Having met Amber Newman through a local networking group here in Billings and seeing her very soft spoken yet driven attitude to helping people towards healthier lifestyles, I couldn’t help but wonder who Amber really is. Originally from Cut Bank, Amber and her high school sweetheart, Levi, both attended Eastern Washington University where Amber graduated with a degree in Social Work. After college they moved to Kalispell where she worked as a counselor for a local group-home for girls and at a local high school. The couple moved to Billings in 2012, where Levi became a Billings Fireman and during this transition, Amber found that she struggled with weight loss after the birth of her fourth child and that’s when she found the company Optavia, a health and wellness program designed for long term success in weight loss and overall mental and physical health. She found great success in not only losing weight through the program but also found a healthier lifestyle for her and her family. Through her natural ability to help others, Amber became a representative of Optavia and now coaches people to achieve healthier habits and to live happier lives. The new career path paved way for Amber to spend more time with her family of four boys and to help those people in need of a healthier change of pace.


Trisha Kalfell

At first glance, Trisha Kalfell can look like a woman you don’t want to mess with. Between the piercings, tattoos, and sharp eyes, I found myself quite intimidated upon our acquaintance. Quickly I found her kind and gentle demeanor proved to be extremely heartwarming and genuine. Originally from the small town of Terry, MT, Trisha came to Billings and attended Blanco Blanco Cosmetology School and afterwards opened her own salon. About five years ago, Trisha found herself wanting to change her health habits and found the company Le-Vel, who produces health and wellness supplements under their ‘Thrive Experience’. She loved the product and lifestyle so much that she became a promoter of Le-Vel and sold her salon. Trisha loves showing others the opportunity Le-Vel has to offer and in this transition, she found that she had more time for her family and more time to help the Billings community where she attends Harvest Church, volunteers in St. Vincents NICU program on a weekly basis, and has sponsored two kids in need. Trisha has three sons who range from 10 to 18 and her husband is the shop teacher at Senior High School.


Dr. Donald Smith

Meet Dr. Donald Smith or as many know him as Dr. Donnie. He is hands down one of the most attractive and well dressed men in Billings, but don’t let his good looks fool you. Dr. Donnie is a well accomplished, hard working fellow who after high school in Las Vegas, came to Billings on a football scholarship at Rocky Mountain College, later attended Montana State University Billings, and then onto Logan College in St. Louis, MO where he completed his Chiropractic degree. He was the first person in his family to earn a college degree. Dr. Donnie has been with Meier Chiropractic since graduating in 2013 and he and his wife(whom is from Huntley) have been married for seven years, raising three girls together. Outside of work and family, Donnie can be seen in various community sports leagues across Billings as he has always had a passion to compete in athletics.