Jayme Tripp, owner of B.Leaf

What inspires your work?

I’ve always had a passion for products and treatments. I love being able to watch a client’s face light up when they look in the mirror feeling confident in their healthy skin. It is extremely rewarding. As I progressed into my career, I became more and more curious about different products and what made them effective. I constantly purchased products to find the line that worked. Having my own skincare line has been on my mind since the day I walked out of graduation, and after many years of dreaming, it’s finally a reality.

Describe the product in the photo. Why is it unique?

Our Argireline Intensive Capsules are a powerful anti-wrinkle Hexapeptide Monodose capsule containing one of the most effective topical anti-aging compounds on the market: Argireline. Clinical studies demonstrate a 30 percent reduction in wrinkles in just a single month. This powerful peptide is plant-derived and natural, with a biodegradable vegetal capsule for ease of disposal.

How did you create this product?

I have been a been a medical esthetician for more than 10 years, helped run a successful medical spa, and always had a passion for skincare. I did a ton of research and found a lab to help me custom formulate my products. B.leaf products are all medical-grade, certified organic and effective. We couldn’t be more proud.


Jayson Robbins and Erin King, co-owners of MT Farmhouse Creations

What inspires your work?

We have always loved farmhouse style and design and create pieces that we would want to put into our own homes. We also get a lot of inspiration from the Shanty 2 Chic ladies and their Instagram page, and of course, Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Describe the piece in the photo. Why is it unique?

It’s a farmhouse-style headboard we made out of solid wood and hand painted and stained. This headboard was made for my niece’s bedroom to help give it the more “grown-up” look she wanted. A headboard is the first piece we ever made, and it was for a guest bedroom in my house. We decided to list the headboard on Craigslist for fun, and we have been going ever since!

How did you create this piece?

We get raw lumber from local hardware stores that we cut to size depending on the size of the headboard. The size is determined by the bed size: full, queen, king, etc. This specific headboard is queen size done in farmhouse style with a distressed white finish. The cut boards then get sanded smooth before they are assembled. Once assembled, the headboard gets stained dark gray. The final step after painting the headboard white is to hand-distress, allowing the contrasting stain to show. There is added trim framing the center area and accenting the upper portion of the headboard. These artistic details set it apart from a standard headboard.


Jay Mercer, owner of Mercer Mountain Time

What inspires your work?

I got into this business really to focus on and rejuvenate the love of mechanical timepieces.

Describe the piece in the photo. Why is it unique?

My Magnum GMT Watch. I love doing small-volume projects focusing on different themes like James Bond, Gulf Racing and in this case, Magnum P.I. A featured item in the original series is the Rolex GMT Master II “Pepsi” that Magnum received from his father. I wanted to make an homage to this watch but also focus on the other items found in the show… Magnum was a Detroit Lions fan and also wore a Paradise Found shirt. I found an original shirt and a custom fabric to build a travel pouch for the watch with both items. I sourced all the parts from the automatic GMT movement (which allows the wearer to keep two times) to the dial, hands, bezel (which I applied a Superluminova paste to add glow), brushed stainless case and stainless band. Custom logos completed the project. I limited this to 10 pieces.

What is your creative process? 

I always start with a storyboard and try to get my ideas down, then create the custom logos on my iPad. I source a supplier to build the logos. I find all the parts for the watch build, then source the materials for the travel pouch and (for this specific timepiece) work locally with Red Oxx to create the dog tags with Magnum’s info. All in all, this watch with accompanying items took about six hours to build.


 Amber Ferrin, owner of Razels

What inspires your work?

In a world of mass production, I have a love for the handmade, the unique, sometimes flawed, never duplicated, always individual. The idea that I can have a ball of yarn, a little bit of time and voila—a new, awesome hat or blanket. It is absolutely inspiring!

Describe the piece in the photo. Why is it unique?

Razels’ extreme wool blankets are hand-knit with unspun wool, with each stitch measuring more than 3 inches. Handmade in Montana, this giant wool blanket will add the perfect amount of charm, warmth and style to your home. Wool is a 100 percent natural, renewable and sustainable fiber. It is a natural insulator, multi-climatic and trans-seasonal, as well as odor-resistant, breathable and temperature-regulating. Each blanket weighs 7 to 15 pounds and is a natural, off-white color. 

How did you create this piece?

It is hand-knit with natural, un-spun wool.