Sensible Swaps to Maintain your Health during the Holidays

Our “sleigh ride” through the holidays is a holly, jolly season of indulgence with parties and merrymaking around every turn. While it may seem impossible to avoid temptation, especially when you are eager to enjoy the festivities, there are some healthy swaps you can implement to keep your health on track throughout December. 

Follow these 5 tips (courtesy ofThe Center for Ideal Health) as you navigate the Yuletide onslaught of treats, sweets and cheats. 

1. Dips and Sauces

Every gathering seems to have some kind of dip. Sub plain Greek yogurt for sour cream in any recipe to maintain the tart taste, yet cut down on saturated fats. It also adds a kick of healthy protein. Hummus is another great alternative to the typical cream cheese-based dip. 

2. Pies

Consider making pies without the crust to skip flour, shortenings and fat. Baking or grilling fruit also lends a caramelized, sweet flavor without the added sugars and syrup. 

3. Eggnog and Cocktails

Many cocktails call for mixers which add loads of extra sugar and fat. Keep an eye out for sodas, juices and creams. Sparkling water gives a refreshing crispness sans sugar. Instead of the heavy cream and whipped eggs in eggnog, swap for dark hot chocolate (1 tablespoon raw cacao powder, 1 teaspoon monk fruit and 1 cup unsweetened almond milk).  

4. Deep-Fried Food

Baking instead of frying can remove grams of saturated fats without sacrificing the delicious roasted flavor. Try to avoid breading when possible, and swap greasy appetizers for raw veggies, which offer fiber and nutrients. 

5. Candy and Sweets

Snack on raw fruits to stave off sweet cravings. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. If you need a sugar fix, opt for dark chocolate, which packs an antioxidant punch and satisfies your sweet tooth.