Travel management companies provide seamless solutions for those on the road. 

Business or pleasure? It’s a question often asked to those traveling or preparing for a trip. Yet, the two answers don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Business travelers are at the whim of life on the road, bustling between airplanes, rental cars, and hotel rooms across the map. By utilizing a Travel Management Company, such road warriors can allay stress and avoid common pitfalls. 


“Road warriors are on the road all the time,” begins Billie Ruff, owner of Travel Cafe. “Airplanes, rental cars, hotel rooms…that becomes their life. A personalized travel agent understands what will make them comfortable on the road when they are doing that type of grueling travel.” For example, if a connecting flight is cancelled and a business traveler finds themselves stranded, with no way to make their afternoon meeting, companies such as Travel Cafe offer 24-hour customer service.


“We have access to all of your reservations,” says Billie. “We deal with these types of situations all of the time. You get immediate assistance, and most of the time you make it to where you need to be.”


Travel Agencies also provide “Large Group Management”. Many organizations offer incentive programs in which their clients or their sales team can earn a trip if they hit their goals. 


“The resulting trip is often a combination of an incentive vacation with a little bit of business mixed in,” Billie explains. “We handle a lot of these events. There are Audio/Visual elements which need to be planned and set up, meeting rooms, speakers, hotel accommodations, and so forth. We handle all of it, pre and post event.”


One such corporate event took place in Southern California on John Wayne’s yacht. 


“That was really fun,” Billie recalls. “But, something of that scale takes 12-18 months to plan.” She enjoys the creativity that goes into these large group trips, planning every detail from food and beverage to venue to shuttle buses. 


“We’ve done events in art galleries, on the beach, on a golf course. There are a lot of opportunities that a non-travel agent might not think of or even know are out there.”


Members of the travel management team stay on-site during large group events, which typically last three to five days. They are on-call to provide assistance and troubleshoot any issues, putting travelers and the company they serve at ease. 


Whether traveling as an individual or for a group event, travel management teams reduce stress and make business trips more efficient and more comfortable. 


“We’ve got your back, 24/7, 365 days a year,” Billie concludes.