Healthy Lifestyle

Our “sleigh ride” through the holidays is a holly, jolly season of indulgence with parties and merrymaking around every turn. While it may seem impossible to avoid temptation, especially when you are eager to enjoy the festivities, there are some healthy swaps you can implement to keep your health on track throughout December. 

Healthy Lifestyle

When life becomes hectic, our mental health can decline in the ensuing chaos. Stress, difficulty sleeping, poor concentration and strained relationships may begin to impair one’s overall well-being and happiness. Just as we must make mindful, healthy food choices, we must also enact healthy practices regarding our mental health. 

Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving optimal memory and brain function begins with the foods we use to fuel our bodies. For those suffering from brain fog, depression, difficulty concentrating or any number of brain-related issues, Dr. Erin Amato, medical director for The Center for Ideal Health, believes diet may be the culprit. She helps individuals design personalized lifestyle medicine programs to achieve optimal health at any age. 

Beyond the Resolution

Each year in January, New Year's resolutions march into town like the Macy's Day Parade. Social media is cluttered with declarations of change as people assert their bold plans for the future. The idea behind resolutions is sound: new year, new goals, new you. Yet, many of us fail to see them through because the catalyst for these changes is…

Turkey Day Workout with a Personal Trainer:

Finding time to hit the gym during the hectic holiday season can be challenging. Luckily, personal trainer Ryan Jore has constructed an effective routine that can be fit into any schedule. The key is to prioritize intensity over duration.

High Intensity + Traditional Lifting = Perfect Combo

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Aaron Waller, Graphic Finesse  Some people don't have to search for their career; their career finds them. Dolan Hornbeck, founder and manager of Telos Fitness, uncovered his passion for the training business when a fellow gym patron at the YMCA approached him. “He saw how hard I worked out, and appreciated my work ethic and…

Total Body Toner

Are you feeling inspired by all those health-conscious New Year's resolutions, but struggling to find time for the gym? This Total Body Toner workout, courtesy of health coach Grace Young, can be completed from the comfort of your own home in under 20 minutes. These four simple exercises pack a powerful punch and take less time than your favorite show on Netflix.