Faces of Billings

 Joanie Swords  "It’s not very often I get to meet someone whose business plan is based purely on love."  For more on Joanie Swords and additional Faces of Billings, visit BillingsLifestyle.com.

Faces of Billings

"....there are some very gifted people that truly have the intentions, experience, and abilities to bring about miracles in people’s lives. Dr. Alan Muskett is one of those people."

Lovable Pets

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche     Ellie Hansen, president of Loveable Pets, describes her team as the "12 most amazing, animal-adoring staff members" in town. Meet a few members of the team.

Western Dining

While many say the kitchen is the heart of the home, this rich, inviting dining room might just make you change your mind. Featuring warm colors, heavy furniture and lush layered textures, it’s a room that feels perfectly suited to a Montana home.

Reignited by Retirement

Years ago, a local athlete gathered the neighborhood youth in a schoolyard huddle. The hometown hero gave playing advice to a group of admirers. Listening with wide eyes was a young Jeff Carroll, but he wasn’t just listening to the words of the local athlete; He was watching, absorbing his techniques and passion like a thirsting sponge. The seeds of…