Return to Nature

Nature’s beauty knows no rival. The allure of a stately shade tree, the calm of trickling water or the joy of a colorful garden are difficult to deny. Through landscaping, homeowners can harness these natural elements and incorporate them into their own property, boosting the appeal and value of the home. 

Home Sweet Scout & Molly’s

“When a woman comes through the doors, I want her to be comfortable. She should be able to come in and find a special piece, whatever her style,” Kirsten Harper, owner of Scout & Molly’s, says.

Bumps and Bundles

If you have not had the chance to visit Bumps and Bundles at it's new location at Shiloh Crossing, make it a point to take in the newest and sweetest addition to the Billings shopping community. Owner Becky Salyer has loaded the racks and shelves with merchandise that is not found in any other of the children's boutiques you might…