Relay for Life of Yellowstone County

The Relay for Life of Yellowstone County held their 2017 Relay For Life kickoff.

Here’s to Strong Women

Washington Irving, the 19th-century American author known for stories such as Rip Van Winkle and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow once wrote:

Finding Time for Success

Ever meet someone so impressive you just had to ask, “Where do you find the time?” Billings is filled with individuals whose successes beg this very question, so Billings Lifestyle sat down with a few of the area’s most outstanding women to see just how they do it. Here is a glimpse into the daily lives of some of Billings’…

Peek Inside the Purse of a Working Mom

A woman’s purse is a glimpse into her life. Working moms know how important it is to keep the right balance of items on hand. Tracy Moore is a photographer, entrepreneur and mother to a boisterous little boy. She spills the contents of her handbag and reveals the personal essentials she won't leave home without.

Traveling Style

Chances are you’ve stared at an empty duffel bag or a bursting suitcase whose zipper refuses to close for so long you’ve considered canceling a trip. But packing doesn’t have to be painful. It’s not an exact science, but with a less-is-more approach and the right pieces, you’ll consider the contents of your luggage a carefully curated work of art.…

Girls Weekend Getaway at Chico Hot Springs

As the warm summer air begins to warm the Rimrocks, it’s common to get the itch for a weekend getaway. For lifetime Montanan and Billings resident Marni Cowan, this means a girls weekend, and, for her, there is one perfect cure for spring fever. It’s a place crafted for an ideal weekend retreat—a versatile paradise to unwind, indulge or let…

Smart Jewelry

While the Fitbit may have brought on the first craze of fitness activity trackers, companies have come a long way from bright-colored rubber bracelets and step counting. Now there’s a way to stay safe and connected no matter what activity you may be doing. A variety of discreet and beautiful styles have emerged in the world of smart jewelry.