A Season of Giving

As we turn the page of this year’s calendar to December, it seems like it was just yesterday we were singing carols, unwrapping gifts and toasting to 2017. Now—as unbelievable as it may seem—it’s time to do it all over again.

December 2017 Around Town

A tradition in the Billings community for a quarter century, the Christmas Stroll celebrates the season on the first Friday in December, in conjunction with ArtWalk. With families in town for the weekend, the Christmas Stroll is a great activity for the people of Billings to usher in the holiday season. Join the community for gift shopping, strolling through downtown…

That’s A Wrap

Like most things in life, presentation is key. Of course gift wrapping falls under this rule. Here's our 6-step life hack to wrapping like a professional. So say goodbye to amateur presents plagued with gift wrap gap or crumpled corners, and say hello to perfection.     


When Chris Montague, owner of Montague Jewelers, thinks back to a childhood growing up in Billings during the holidays, his memories race to decorated streets, festive local businesses and friendly familiar faces. 
Now, as a business owner himself, he continues the age-old Billings tradition by decorating his own shop—like his downtown predecessors—with his kids by his side.

Cheers to the New Year

"No more kitten around, it’s time for a toast. You all have the koalafications to put forth your best this next year, and you otter do it. Let’s have a year of good times, peaceful conversations and pawsitivity. When times get tough, let us grin and bear it. Gopher it!" 

— Jeff the Nature Guy, Executive Director, Zoo Montana

Home Sweet Scout & Molly’s

“When a woman comes through the doors, I want her to be comfortable. She should be able to come in and find a special piece, whatever her style,” Kirsten Harper, owner of Scout & Molly’s, says.


The holiday season is sprinkled with stories of the miraculous. Although they can become buried beneath the lights, gifts and hectic routines, these positive tales of goodness, charity and redemption live in the core of the season. However, for Denise Smith of Billings’ Montana Rescue Mission, such stories are not reserved just for December. Denise says at Montana Rescue Mission she…

Inside Billings Lifestyle’s Cookie Jar

A traditional Dutch spice cookie, Speculass has long been a Christmas time staple at Billings bakery Caramel Cookie Waffles. Typically made in molds, these cookies can also be rolled and cut much like gingerbread.