Community Leaders and Their Pets

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche  A community thrives through the efforts of those who take charge and strive to make it a better place to live. Though they all come from different backgrounds and pursue different courses, these five leaders share at least two common threads: a desire to help shape their community and a love for the…

5 Things I Love with Karlee Albertson

 Article Stephanie Hower  Helping Families, One Manicure at a Time  "Be the change you want to see."

Volunteer Opportunities

 Article Stephanie Hower  Through the efforts of leaders and volunteers, these three organizations are harnessing the spirit of unity and goodwill. Youth are encouraged to participate, with opportunities for both children and families to give back in meaningful and exciting ways. By teaching our children the value of volunteering, we can strengthen and shape the future of Billings.  Friendship House of…

Extracurricular Activities

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche  In a world of screens and electronics, it is important to engage children in a variety of activities that strengthen body and mind. Interacting with peers, challenging themselves and practicing movement can help improve self-esteem while firing up young brains. Luckily, Billings is teeming with opportunities for children of all ages to flourish, grow,…

Lovable Pets

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche     Ellie Hansen, president of Loveable Pets, describes her team as the "12 most amazing, animal-adoring staff members" in town. Meet a few members of the team.

Celebrating Family

When you think of family, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the people you share your mornings with: the husband or wife who makes you breakfast, the toddler who wakes you up before sunrise or the drooling pup in the kitchen just itching for a full dish of food. Maybe it’s the people you share … Continued

August 2018 Around Town

Farm to Table: Family and Food in the Yellowstone Valley The Moss Mansion’s August 2018 exhibit, Farm to Table: Family and Food in the Yellowstone Valley, explores the concepts of farming, agriculture, cooking, sustainability and tradition in Montana over the last 150 years in the Yellowstone Valley. For the Moss family, like all of Billings, local … Continued

5th Annual Bottega Brunch

Bottega Clothing held the fifth annual Bottega Brunch benefiting Relay for Life of Yellowstone County.