Well Rounded

WELL, WELL, WELL if it isn’t the annual “Wellness” Issue. January marks the beginning of not only a new year, but also the beginning of new opportunities.  Maybe you’ve set some goals for yourself like the classics – exercise more, eat better – or maybe you are thinking of something outside of the box like getting … Continued

2020 Vision: Making Health a Priority

While it's easy to acknowledge the importance of good health, it can prove difficult to make it a priority. Our health impacts our happiness, productivity, energy levels, appearance, and overall well-being, but for many, the steps to achieve a healthier lifestyle can seem daunting and unobtainable. Dr. Amato, owner of The Center for Ideal Health, strives to empower and educate patients through…

The Business of Travel

Business or pleasure? It’s a question often asked to those traveling or preparing for a trip. Yet, the two answers don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Business travelers are at the whim of life on the road, bustling between airplanes, rental cars, and hotel rooms across the map. By utilizing a Travel Management Company, such road warriors can allay stress…

Renovate and Refine

Slip into the modern elegance of this recently renovated bath, courtesy of Ty Nelson Design & Remodel. The clean lines and contrasting black and white color palette are both visually striking and soothing in their simplicity. Large, natural wood-framed windows allow for ample light and space, allowing one to soak up the stunning view while they soak in the tub. 

Faces of Billings

“Embrace the now,” recites Shara Kay Overstreet, sharing her favorite quote. “I make an effort to live every moment to the best of my ability and I try to share that with my friends and followers.”