Fresh Face for Spring 2

Springtime means renewal. As the city slips into fairer weather, it’s time to shed our heavy winter beauty regimens and reveal a lighter, brighter self. Through the advice of two local beauty experts, we are embracing the chance to clean out our beauty kits and begin the season anew. Ashley Schultz, esthetician and owner of Divine Spa and Beauty, touts the benefits of all-natural skin care and shares her favorite products for battling dull winter skin. Rachelle Kathleen, professional makeup artist, provides an easy to follow tutorial for the perfect spring look, focusing on simplicity and a healthy glow. Putting your best face forward this spring begins with one word: fresh.

All-Natural, Local Skin Care

When you put fresh foods into your body, you feel more energized and replenished. This same principle applies to the products we put on our body. All-natural skin care packs a nutrient-rich punch that is absorbed deep into the tissue. Botanical ingredients gently revive and repair damaged areas, clearing breakouts and promoting cell turnover while avoiding the harsh chemicals found in many mainstream products. Additives to extend shelf life, artificial fragrances and abrasive materials can irritate our faces and introduce toxins into our bodies.

For those who decide to take the plunge into all-natural skin care, it may seem confusing to find effective products in today’s over-saturated market. Many companies claim to be “organic” or “natural” but actually contain hidden additives. Luckily, starting fresh for spring doesn’t have to be complicated. Handmade, organic skin care options are available locally from a name you can trust. At Divine Spa and Beauty, Schultz endorses The Myrtle Leaf. This 100 percent all-natural skin care line is produced in Billings.

“I carry Myrtle Leaf because I fell in love with the ingredients and the passion that goes into each and every product,” Schultz says.

Their products are made in small batches to provide maximum freshness and the very best results for their customers. Schultz chose three of her favorite products to help combat the winter blues.

“After those winter months our skin becomes very dry and needs a little boost in the spring,” Schultz explains. “I would first recommend the Cucumber Blast Exfoliating Cleanser by The Myrtle Leaf. This cleanser contains natural fruit acids and jojoba beads that will help with replenishing dry and tired winter skin.”

Once skin has been cleansed and exfoliated, Schultz recommends the Blissful Day Hydrating Mist by The Myrtle Leaf. Cooling cucumber, tripeptide-5 and coconut juice stay with your skin all day providing hydration in a refreshing scented spray. It is light enough to be worn under your makeup without feeling greasy.

To top off any regimen you need a great moisturizer. Rich Moisture Butter by The Myrtle Leaf is filled with natural oils that provide extra relief to dry skin. Oils, such as protein-rich rice bran oil, protect the skin and lock in moisture by trapping it within the skin’s cells.

This is a nutrient-rich moisturizer that will make your skin soft and supple in no time,” Schultz says.

These products are suitable for all skin types since they are non-irritating and sulfate-free. The Myrtle Leaf skin care line can be found in store at Divine Spa and Beauty or online at

Fresh Start Spring Makeup

After you have achieved healthy skin through handmade local skin care, it’s time to focus on the rest of your beauty regimen. Cosmetics don’t have to be a chore. Our makeup should be free to embrace the lighter, sunnier climate of spring. Makeup artist Rachelle Kathleen believes in a routine that highlights great skin and is simple enough to follow every day. Kathleen explains and demonstrates her quick 10-minute makeup routine that will leave you looking pretty and fresh for the change of seasons.

For more makeup ideas, such as a DIY high-end translucent powder using baby powder, cornstarch and olive oil, visit or check out her Instagram @RachelleKathleen.