Worth the Trip

The city of New Orleans is renowned for its colorful culture—boasting live music, festivals, history, art and, of course, fabulous food. 

All in the Details

The details of this mountain-retreat-inspired home sing a song of rustic elegance. Complimentary styles form a sumptuous blend, merging the charm of the country with the sophistication of the big city and providing amenities few can imagine. At 8,399 square feet, this single-family residence even offers a taste of Italy and a whisper of France. A beautifully designed wine cellar elevates social…

Flavorful Fall Fare

 Serve with biscuits. Recipe makes 6-9 Servings.  Chicken Sausage  + 3 pounds chicken thighs

Healthy Lifestyle

Achieving optimal memory and brain function begins with the foods we use to fuel our bodies. For those suffering from brain fog, depression, difficulty concentrating or any number of brain-related issues, Dr. Erin Amato, medical director for The Center for Ideal Health, believes diet may be the culprit. She helps individuals design personalized lifestyle medicine programs to achieve optimal health at any age. 

Fashion Sense

Fashion is not stationary. It moves with fluidity, able to pair the proper attire with different environments and settings. Clothing is a reflection of one’s mood, personality, social status and ideals. Linda Brooks, owner and founder of SOMETHINGHchic, understands the importance of personal style and tailoring fashion to fit one’s surroundings. 

Fashion and ‘Moore’

There are many ways to “give back.” For Tracy Moore, she has chosen to empower and inspire high school girls by fostering confidence and personal growth. The second annual Fashion Show Fundraiser, benefitting Tracy’s Closet and a volunteer trip to Thailand, was put on by Tracy’s own tribe of high school girls from the class of 2019 and 2020. They walked the…

An Eye for Interiors

Every house begins as a blank canvas, a series of walls and an accrual of square footage ready to be filled. Our personal belongings breathe life into empty rooms, and interior design transforms a house into a home.

Three Generations, One Classic Style

There are certain styles that transcend age and era. Nick Blake, owner and operator of Desmonds, created three similar looks for three generations. 

Paw and Order

 K9 Dual Purpose Service Dog, Billings Police Department  Dutch was born in Holland, where he spent 18 months as a KNPV dog.  “KNPV is a Dutch service dog competition circuit largely recognized as producing some of the ‘hardest’ dogs for police/military service,” says K9 Handler and Billings Police K9 Unit Trainer David Firebaugh.

Faces of Billings

“‘She believed she could. So she did.’ Having the support of others around you is so valuable, but nothing means more than having confidence in yourself," says Katy Easton. "I’ve found that when I believe in myself and trust that I have the skills and ability to get the job done, the voices and doubts of others just fade away.”