Man to Man

Community is the foundation on which Greg McCall and his family decided to build their business. Along with his dad, Jim; brother, Brad; and sister, Carolee, they started McCall Homes and McCall Development and have made it their mission to institute community into every home, street, park, sidewalk or porch.

A Rare Classic

Jim McCall first laid eyes on the '34 Roadster in 1988. It sat unfinished in the corner of a garage he had visited to purchase another classic car, with parts strewn around it and piled inside. He purchased it at the end of 2003, then spent the next four years assembling and restoring until it became the head-turning vintage auto seen today. 

Dude Food

Wings and beer: one of cuisine’s great love stories, a romance of flavors dudes everywhere can appreciate. Überbrew specializes in food matchmaking, combining unique and delicious ingredients to enhance your dining experience. Their idea of "dude food” centers on two classic favorites: wings and tri-tip, with complimentary additions to elevate, from bar food to gourmet.

Faces of Billings

“I have found that real life is much funnier than anything one can create,” says Rich St. John, who has spent 38 years serving in the police department. “If I wrote a book it would be entitled You Can’t Make This Up.” His experience has granted him an endless supply of interesting stories, as well as a healthy affection for…

Women’s Wisdom

 Wife and mom of two boys  "If I had to sum up my life mission, it would be to help people become the healthiest versions of themselves: spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically. I think that passion is what has led me to training and coaching and combining my faith with fitness. What I love most is using exercise to build…

Inspired By

How did you become interested in art? Has it always been a passion of yours? 

Faces of Billings

 Nicole Griffith, Owner, Well Pared  "One of the most relaxing things is the movement of water…the sound. Sitting quietly in the mountains, listening to a slow rippling river, the scent of pine all around me, feeling the crisp clean air…it brings me much peace and comfort.” –Nicole Griffith  As the owner of a successful business, Nicole Griffith savors such moments of…

Mother’s Day

 Jesse Feragen, owner  "Tiska Chic Boutique is a small online boutique that sells primarily through Facebook, but we have recently expanded to an online store as well as a brick-and-mortar store in Billings. We offer women's clothing and accessories that are affordable and fashionable."  Gift idea: A gift card and a necklace. Mom can shop from home or visit the store.

Billings Lifestyle Signature Event

The first Saturday in May is steeped in tradition—tradition that spans across two centuries and culminates in an event referred to as “the most exciting two minutes in sports:” the Kentucky Derby. There is an undeniable appeal to the Derby, as it embodies so much of what we love about this season: freshly picked roses and newly awakened greenery; bright, crisp…

Crafted by Hand

 What inspires your work?  I’ve always had a passion for products and treatments. I love being able to watch a client’s face light up when they look in the mirror feeling confident in their healthy skin. It is extremely rewarding. As I progressed into my career, I became more and more curious about different products and what made them effective.…