Paw and Order

 K9 Dual Purpose Service Dog, Billings Police Department  Dutch was born in Holland, where he spent 18 months as a KNPV dog.  “KNPV is a Dutch service dog competition circuit largely recognized as producing some of the ‘hardest’ dogs for police/military service,” says K9 Handler and Billings Police K9 Unit Trainer David Firebaugh.

Faces of Billings

“‘She believed she could. So she did.’ Having the support of others around you is so valuable, but nothing means more than having confidence in yourself," says Katy Easton. "I’ve found that when I believe in myself and trust that I have the skills and ability to get the job done, the voices and doubts of others just fade away.”

Brockel’s Chocolates

When Charlie Bucket found the last golden ticket and visited the chocolate factory of his dreams, children everywhere related to his sense of excitement and wonder. We say “like a kid in a candy store” to convey a feeling of great joy. Brockel’s Chocolates has been serving this sense of happiness to local children, and adults, for more than 40…

Family Portraits

When summer wanes, the season for family portraits bursts to life. The landscape slips into autumnal attire and presents the perfect backdrop for future Christmas cards or living room decor. 

Historical Landmarks

 Western Heritage Center  While browsing shops and enjoying downtown dining, residents also have a chance to immerse themselves in the rich history of Montana.  “The Western Heritage Center is an interpretative center and is one of Billing’s premier historical museums,” says Amy Elmer, museum assistant at the WHC. “It has organized its collection to standards of the American Alliance of…

Man to Man

Community is the foundation on which Greg McCall and his family decided to build their business. Along with his dad, Jim; brother, Brad; and sister, Carolee, they started McCall Homes and McCall Development and have made it their mission to institute community into every home, street, park, sidewalk or porch.

A Rare Classic

Jim McCall first laid eyes on the '34 Roadster in 1988. It sat unfinished in the corner of a garage he had visited to purchase another classic car, with parts strewn around it and piled inside. He purchased it at the end of 2003, then spent the next four years assembling and restoring until it became the head-turning vintage auto seen today. 

Dude Food

Wings and beer: one of cuisine’s great love stories, a romance of flavors dudes everywhere can appreciate. Überbrew specializes in food matchmaking, combining unique and delicious ingredients to enhance your dining experience. Their idea of "dude food” centers on two classic favorites: wings and tri-tip, with complimentary additions to elevate, from bar food to gourmet.

Faces of Billings

“I have found that real life is much funnier than anything one can create,” says Rich St. John, who has spent 38 years serving in the police department. “If I wrote a book it would be entitled You Can’t Make This Up.” His experience has granted him an endless supply of interesting stories, as well as a healthy affection for…

I’ll Be Your Huckleberry

Thriving in high mountainous areas where they can grow wild, huckleberries share the independent spirit of native Montanans. While similar to a blueberry, this undomesticated blue-black berry has a much thicker skin and packs more of a punch. The flavor is generally sweet with a dash of tartness.