Well Pared

Our bodies require fuel to function, plain and simple. Yet, the foods we eat are more than just calories. They impact every aspect of our health and wellness by providing the necessary nutrients and energy we need to thrive. Making healthy choices at mealtimes is incredibly important, but many of us are daunted by the task of prepping and selecting…

Rustic Fresh Fruit Tart

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche  "Harper & Madison delights in making and serving European-style desserts. We use real butter, cream, fine chocolate and the best quality ingredients that we can find. We work with our hands and our hearts to create exceptional food." —Joanie Swords, owner and founder of Harper & Madison.   Puff Pastry

Purple Rain

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche  Enjoy a deliciously refreshing Purple Rain from Trailhead Spirits on its beautiful patio, located in the historic Depot Complex.  Purple Rain

Traditionally Sweet + Locally Sourced

Chef Christine Burley joined the staff of Caramel Cookie Waffles as their pastry chef in late 2017. This recipe, a collaboration between Christine and the restaurant’s head chef, Richard Boggs, combines traditionally sweet ingredients 
with locally sourced lamb.

Sunday Roast

The face of two busy Billings restaurants, chef Jeremy Engebretson is a cornerstone of the local food scene. Engebretson, chef and owner of Montana Avenue's Lilac, can also be found serving as executive chef-in-residence of the Petroleum Club. It’s not surprising that he’s a pretty busy man.


Travis B. Stimpson, chef and owner of Local Kitchen and Bar, constructs a healthy recipe made with fresh, locally grown ingredients. Produce supplied by King Family Farms in Lockwood.

Inside Billings Lifestyle’s Cookie Jar

A traditional Dutch spice cookie, Speculass has long been a Christmas time staple at Billings bakery Caramel Cookie Waffles. Typically made in molds, these cookies can also be rolled and cut much like gingerbread.

Little Chefs Will Love These Thanksgiving Day Recipes

When she won the title of Miss Montana in 2007, Kristen Yeley’s talent was dancing. But, the Billings mom of two is also known for her cooking skills—which she’s already passing on to her boys: Griffin, 2, and Quin, 5. They forget all about their toys when it’s time to help mom measure and mix the ingredients for these two Thanksgiving…

Picking the Perfect Coffee Bean

If you thought coffee was just a morning pick-me-up, get ready to expand your culinary knowledge and treat your taste buds to a world of flavors. We are far beyond the days when regular or decaf were your only options. Joel Gargaro, owner/roaster and self-proclaimed coffee geek at Rock Creek Coffee Roasters, believes “Coffee pairing is a lot like wine…

Lunch Box SOS

Ready to expand your child's lunches beyond the standard PB&J;? We have some simple, tasty alternatives to sandwich-centered lunch boxes. These items are easy to have on hand, yet offer variety for schooltime meals. Healthy, balanced and quick—a recipe every parent can follow.