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5 Things I Love with Karlee Albertson

 Article Stephanie Hower  Helping Families, One Manicure at a Time  "Be the change you want to see."

Billings’ Top Five Patios

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Trevan Hiersche  Patio season is in full swing. From Bistecca at the Granary's iconic wooded hideaway in the heart of Billings' neighborhoods to the open-air feeling of the Local Kitchen and Bar's wall of windows, these five patios will have you saying "I'll have another."  Local Kitchen & Bar

Jeff + His Son

 Article and Photography  Aspinwall Mountain Wear Icon Hat, $26, Aspinwall Mountain Wear,   “I love my Aspinwall flat-billed hat.”

Renata & Tessa

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Renata Haidle  Kimmidolls  Amazon, $19.95 "A modern, contemporary fusion of Eastern and Western art and symbolism."

 Local, All-Natural Skin Care

For 20 years, The Myrtle Leaf has been making fresh and natural skin care products by hand in Montana for you and your healthy lifestyle.

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Trainer Confessions

Have you ever wondered what it's like to work in the world of fitness? Three Billings trainers sat down with us to shed some light on the fitness industry and share a confession about what it's really like to be a personal trainer.

Cheers to the New Year

"No more kitten around, it’s time for a toast. You all have the koalafications to put forth your best this next year, and you otter do it. Let’s have a year of good times, peaceful conversations and pawsitivity. When times get tough, let us grin and bear it. Gopher it!" 

— Jeff the Nature Guy, Executive Director, Zoo Montana

Thanksgiving Traditions

"For our Thanksgiving, we always get together with family. We do a potluck, then play bingo. Each game, someone wins a prize. The last game we play is blackout which is a gift certificate to a restaurant in town. When you win a prize, you get the chance to steal from someone else that has already won or pick a number, and you get…