How to Stage Your Home Decor

From time to time, a remodel will be in order to brighten and liven-up outdated home décor; but a complete facelift for your sanctuary may not be in the budget.

Mrs. Ronneburg’s Cinnamon Rolls

The heavenly smell of baking cinnamon rolls makes a house feel like a home. When my friend Nancy Ronneburg shared this quick and easy cinnamon roll recipe with me, I was delighted. When other aspects of my house make me want to run and hide, in under 45 minutes, I can have a delicious treat for my family and a…

Craft & Cocktail

Add a half cup of cucumber slices and 2 tablespoons of basil ribbons to 1 cup of gin.
Refrigerate overnight. 
Strain the gin and reserve 4 ounces. 
Divide ice between two tall glasses. 
Add gin and divide the grapefruit juice 
between glasses. 
Top with ginger beer and garnish with grapefruit wedges, cucumber slices and thinly sliced basil ribbons. 
Enjoy. Cheers!

Men’s Rec Leagues

What’s your main reason for joining a league? Socializing or exercising

Peek Inside the Purse of a Working Mom

A woman’s purse is a glimpse into her life. Working moms know how important it is to keep the right balance of items on hand. Tracy Moore is a photographer, entrepreneur and mother to a boisterous little boy. She spills the contents of her handbag and reveals the personal essentials she won't leave home without.

Sneak Peek into the Bags of Good Earth Shoppers

Good Earth Market is a co-op grocery and health food store located in downtown Billings that is known for warm interactions with area neighbors. The market, located at 3024 Second Ave. N. focuses on promoting local products, as well as organic offerings, and is owned and run by community members. Here is a peek into the shopping bags of some…