The Art of Organization

 Article Stephanie Hower | Photography Photos provided  For some, staying organized can feel more like a headache than a life hack. If reaching for something to wear involves digging and searching, yet the thought of a closet overhaul gives you anxiety, take a breath and let the experts help with your storage dilemma. Closet Guy of Billings has been assisting those who…

Spring Marks the Start of Planting Season

Popular Conifers for the Billings Area:
+ Austrian pine
+ Colorado blue or green spruce
+ Western red cedar

Popular Deciduous Trees for the Billings Area:
+ Ash
+ Aspen
+ Canada red chokecherry
+ Northern hackberry

Call 811 Before You Dig
1. Dig a hole two to three times as wide as the root ball.
2. Place the tree in the hole.
3. Position the tree and prep the roots. The root…

do it yourself

We're in love with Ben Uyeda, creative director/genius of #HomeMadeModern. He has an entire website ( full of modern design projects that don't break the bank. Here's one of our favorite, a simple stool. Perfect for any room in the house, durable and affordable. Music to our ears.

Handmade Home Decor

As fall dawns, many are turning to a warm, rustic look for home 
 décor. Those interested in this unique style of decorations need to look no further than Bethany and Jonathan Walters of She Likes Letters, who have become local experts in custom, do-it-yourself ornaments, cupcake toppers and wall hangings. Demand for the pair’s designs is booming, with sales…


Full of beautiful colors and bright blooms, spring is a flower lover's dream come true. Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful centerpiece everyone can enjoy this season.