Courtesy of The Rebels & Razors Barber Club

The sun is out, and that means it’s time for a fresh, clean look. But for men, it’s not always easy to know what to ask for at the local barbershop. Luckily there are places like downtown Billings’ Rebels & Razors Barber Club, formerly known as Prohibition Brotique & Barbershop, which specializes in men’s haircuts, facial hair grooming and expert consultations for the undecided customer. With a staff that has more than 40 years of barbering experience combined, the group takes pride in providing men with customized cuts and the latest styles. So, whether you’re looking to clean up for summer or completely revamp your look, here are some of this summer’s hottest trends, courtesy of the team at The Rebels & Razors Barber Club.

Pompadour Hard Part Haircut

A modern twist on a vintage look, the pompadour hard part is crisp and sharp. Hair is kept longer on top with the sides transitioning to very short in a hard blend. The hair on top is folded over and etched to leave a contrasting line at the scalp.

Dimensions: 2-2.5 inches on top, 1-inch scalp on sides, tapered back, etched razor line, top folded over

Ask for: pompadour hard part or straight razor hard part


A tweak on the traditional pompadour, this cut was recently made popular by Brad Pitt in the movie Fury. It features tight sides and a longer, pumped up top.

Dimensions: no more than 2 inches on top, ¼ inch to skin on sides, hard blend into a tapered back, top is lifted

Ask for: fury cut or slicked back fury undercut

Business Fade

A classic business cut, this style runs from short sides into a longer top. It features a smooth blend without choppy lines.

Dimensions: custom cut on top, no shorter than 2-inch sides, smooth blend and fade

Ask for: businessman fade or classic fade

Beard Trim

This summer a popular look is clean, trimmed beards. The key is creating clean, crisp lines to shape lips and the neck. Choose from a hefty trim, light chisel or just a cleanup trim.

Dimensions: starting at the temple, fade down, trim cheeks and clean neck

Ask for: beard trim or beard shaping