Wardrobe Staples from Pre-K to Preteen

While summer winds down, it’s time to gear up for back-to-school time. Instead of starting from scratch, find versatile pieces that can be easily paired with items already in your child’s closet. Make sure to invest in great shoes. As all parents know, if it isn’t comfortable, kids won’t wear it! From pre-K to preteen, we have assembled some stylish outfits that will add polish and traction to their wardrobe.

Boys ages 2-8

Geometric Patch T-Shirt by Nununu, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $29, size 2Y-7Y

Dark Grey Long Sleeve Top by Nui, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $28, size 2-8

Denim Trousers by Mayoral, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $20, size 2-7

Monaco Low Pigeon Grey by Native, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $49.95, size C6-C13

Girls ages 2-8

Heidi Dress Charstripe by Nui Organics, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $48.95, size 2Y-8Y

Favorite Leggings by Cat & Jack, Target, $6, size XS-XXL

Jefferson Silver Bling by Native, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $45.95, size C5-C13

Top Knot Headband by EYEE Kids, Bumps ‘n Bundles, $15.95

Preteen Boys ages 8-14

Two-pack T-Shirt by H&M, $14.99, size 8-14+Y

Relaxed Jeans by H&M, $19.99, size 8-14+Y

Melange Hooded Jacket by H&M, $29.99, size 8-14+Y

C&L Old Skool by Vans, Journeys, $65, size 4-13 men

Preteen Girls ages 8-14

Ruffled Jersey Top by H&M, $9.99, size 8-14+Y

Twill Biker Pants by H&M, $17.99, size 8-14+Y

Denim Jacket by H&M, $29.99, size 8-14+Y

Kids Slip-On by Vans, Journeys, $35, size 10.5-4 kids