An Eye for Interiors

Every house begins as a blank canvas, a series of walls and an accrual of square footage ready to be filled. Our personal belongings breathe life into empty rooms, and interior design transforms a house into a home.

Renovate and Refine

A flair for home decor runs in Kelsey Meier's family. Her grandparents founded Wagner's Home Furnishings in Missoula 65 years ago, a business that specializes in making "houses into homes." Her own interest in decorating flourished from an early age.

High Trash, Hidden Treasures

ne man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Well, in this case, “woman’s.” When you have an eye for style like Bethany Carey, co-owner of High Trash Boutique, treasures can be found in the most humble places. “I love finding things at garage sales and thrift stores over buying things from a store,” Bethany says. From furniture to books, she has…